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Graphic Design

The communications field is undergoing constant change. Rapidly advancing innovations in technology force graphic designers to explore new methods to solve old problems. Graphics once formatted for print only, must now be designed for use across many types of electronic devices. The basic concepts of good design, however, are timeless. Well-executed design that will appeal to a mass market should be clean, concise, and to the point. The obvious goal of any marketing material is to reach a target audience and elicit a response. A designer requires specific information from a client in order to assess his or her business needs. In addition, the target audience, including age and gender group, needs to be identified. Therefore, a realistic budget for marketing should be included in this plan.


Visual elements such as bold colors, artwork, photography, dynamic text, and attractive layout bring attention to your message and, as a result, your product or service. The primary function of the graphic designer is to work with you to develop an image for all of your communication materials that will effectively meet your goals, both visually and economically.


In this digital age, when access to content is just a few clicks away on a computer, a word on copyright is extremely important. Copyright laws are intended for the protection of artists and authors. Sources for purchasing photography, illustration, and design templates are abundant on the internet and such purchases certainly may be used in the production of printed or on-line materials once the proper fees have been paid. It is up to the business owner to be certain that there are no infringements on artists' rights. Should you be using photography or illustrations purchased directly from an artist, those images must be given proper written credit.


Retaining the services of a professional writer, if you do not have an in-house staff person for this purpose, is a wise investment. Writers target your company's strengths and are adept at relaying the right information to your intended audience. Writers and designers often work as a team to present your company in the most appealing way possible and are your best source for marketing materials that support the growth and image of your business.




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