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My artwork spans across a variety of projects, including family Christmas cards, pen and ink drawings of historic homes, and paintings for camper certificates. I have created wedding gifts of hand-lettered verses along with a watercolor of the wedding location, such as the two lighthouses pictured here. Logo designs, invitations, menu covers, and mechanicals for photo frames are among some of my other creative projects.


This past year I have been working on a series of five-inch by five-inch black and white designs which started as one small doodle and evolved into a group of approximately twenty pieces. Wishing to expand on the "doodle" concept, I created new pieces until an entire alphabet evolved.  This alphabet is still under construction since I intend to add a page of illustrations

to accompany each letter. Perhaps the end product will be a book.


Farming and farmers' markets are also an interest of mine and paintings on those subjects are in the planning stages. I am looking forward to allocating more time for my studio work this year in order to develop and finish that series and other, as yet unidentified, projects.  

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